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What is the "Article Blog"?

Did you know that MIQ has received more than 4,000 questions from teens just like you? It's so wonderful for us to see so many young people aware of the world around them and actively engaged in the most challenging areas of faith.

In fact, it's a far cry from the bored and aimless teen characters that Hollywood seems to present to us on a daily basis. Thank you for having your head above the clouds!

What kinds of questions? Well, it's far too many to name here, but we have questions from all across the spectrum. From social questions like:

  • Dating, relationships, and sex
  • Entertainment and dancing
  • Drugs, alcohol, and peer pressure
  • Clothing, tattoos, and piercings

To questions about faith:

  • How to pray and have faith in God
  • Are we near the end of the world?
  • Church and baptism
  • Problems, hypocrisy, and controversies in the church
  • How to really change the world
  • God's will for your life.

That's just the tip of the iceberg. We only have so much room!

Of course, Pastor Doug is going to be answering a lot of these questions during the televised series, but we want to give you an interactive way to start getting the biblical answers you need for these challenging questions.

So each week, we hope you'll come back to the article blog, take a look at our answers to your questions, and let us know what you think. You input is vital, and be sure to invite your friends. In fact, you might help Pastor Doug see the need to expand an answer with more detail for the broadcast.

So what do you think? Sound like a plan? We really look forward to your feedback!

God bless you in your search for the truth,

The MIQ Team

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Dear MIQ, The Bible says in Genesis 47:28 - ...the whole age of Jacob was an hundred forty and seven years." But in Patriarchs and Prophets Ellen G. White says: Joseph outlived his father fifty-four years... {PP 240.1} "So Joseph died, being an hundred and ten years old... {PP 240.2} My question is, the Bible says that Jacob lived for 147 years, but according to Ellen G. White Joseph outlived his father 54 years and he died at 110. If Joseph outlived his father 54 years, that must mean that either Joseph died at 201 because 147(Jacob's age)+54(outlived years)=201(Joseph Assumed Age) or Jacob died at 56 because 56(Jacob Assumed age)+54(outlived years)=110(Joseph's age) Thanks in Advance, Gershom
Gershom, 14
What should I do when I have a crush who has a boyfriend and rejects me yet still needs my help in certain aspects of her life and sometimes she seems to take advantage of me when I help her with her needs over and over again. Should I continue to show grace or should I be careful with her unintentionally or intentionally taking help from me?
Fred, 19
In the Old Testament I read lots of battles and wars by the Israelites. My question is one of God’s commandements says thou shall not kill. Is it a sin to kill a criminal?
Jersha, 14
What should a Christian do when they are at a secular school?
Jersha, 14
My mom says God is going to deliver us anywhere in the world, I thought he was going to get us from the temple of God which I thought was a church, please get back soon so I can inform my mother
Samiir, 15

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