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Most Important Questions, or MIQ, is a 10-part television series that tackles the most challenging questions facing teens like you! It’s hosted by Pastor Doug Batchelor, president of Amazing Facts.
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If we have to go to church and stuff on sabbath how do we keep it and spend the rest of the time? do i read the bible all day until sunset or watch movies?soon im going to run out of things to do so its going to get quite boring and repetitive.
Viren, 16
What am i allowed to do on the sabbath?
Viren, 16
When you have that quiet in the morning and you connect with God, how do you keep that alive through the rest of the day? How do you take God with you instead of just leaving him behind in the morning?
Adriana, 15
Did Noah take Dinosaurs in his ark? Thank you. Pray for me as i am joining new school.
Dear Amazing Facts MIQ, What is the order of the reformers? Like, who came first, last and in between. Thanks, Gershom
Gershom, 13

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