During MIQ, Pastor Doug will be tackling several questions each night before each presentation. So be sure to tune in for the entire event — don’t miss a minute!

Here are the scheduled main topics for each presentation:
  1. Is There a God?

  2. Is the Bible True?

  3. How Did I Get Here? (Creation vs. Evolution)

  4. Can I Live Forever? (Salvation/Devotions)

  5. Who Am I? (Movies/Music/Literature/Culture)

  6. What About My Body? (Sex/Health/Body Image/Piercings/Tattoos)

  7. What Is God’s Will for My Life? (Pastor Doug’s Testimony/God’s Will/God’s Calling)

  8. What About My Relationships? (Peer Pressure/Dating/Parental/Forgiveness)

  9. How Can I Have Purity, Peace, and Power?

  10. Who Needs Church? (Baptism/Mission/Christian Hypocrisy)

The titles, topics, and order of the topics are subject to change. Please check back regularly for the most current schedule!

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