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Gershom14Dear MIQ, The Bible says in Genesis 47:28 - ...the whole age of Jacob was an hundred forty and seven years." But in Patriarchs and Prophets Ellen G. White says: Joseph outlived his father fifty-four years... {PP 240.1} "So Joseph died, being an hundred and ten years old... {PP 240.2} My question is, the Bible says that Jacob lived for 147 years, but according to Ellen G. White Joseph outlived his father 54 years and he died at 110. If Joseph outlived his father 54 years, that must mean that either Joseph died at 201 because 147(Jacob's age)+54(outlived years)=201(Joseph Assumed Age) or Jacob died at 56 because 56(Jacob Assumed age)+54(outlived years)=110(Joseph's age) Thanks in Advance, Gershom
Fred19What should I do when I have a crush who has a boyfriend and rejects me yet still needs my help in certain aspects of her life and sometimes she seems to take advantage of me when I help her with her needs over and over again. Should I continue to show grace or should I be careful with her unintentionally or intentionally taking help from me?
Jersha14In the Old Testament I read lots of battles and wars by the Israelites. My question is one of God’s commandements says thou shall not kill. Is it a sin to kill a criminal?
Jersha14What should a Christian do when they are at a secular school?
Samiir15My mom says God is going to deliver us anywhere in the world, I thought he was going to get us from the temple of God which I thought was a church, please get back soon so I can inform my mother
Jersha14What does it mean to be still and know God? How can I visualize Him when I cannot see Him in my everyday life?
Jersha14What is the best thing you can do for God?
Samiir15Hi pastor, lately I've been feeling like I'm losing myself and my connection with God, I've been constantly sinning and be wanting to do something about it but then my mind wanders off something and end up doing something else, I feel like theres many factors of my actions lately but I dont feel willing to prevent myself from doing what I shouldnt do, which really puts me and guilt, if you can pastor please pray for me to change my life around, I don't want to give into evil deeds or actions
Jersha14How can I be self-controlled?
Barima17How do I regenerate my Christian Walk after consequent sin(serial sin-doing the same evil over and over again?) Have I lost the Holy Spirit thus why I am unable to stop? How do i atone for my terribly immoral deeds?
Jersha14Are TV shows bad for Christians?
Jersha14What does it mean to draw near God?
Jersha14How do we celebrate the Sabbath?
Jersha14My question is why is it hard to surrender to God?
Jersha14What does Paul mean in Romans 7:14-25?
Jersha14What does Paul mean in Romans 7:14-25?
Jersha14What is talking to God like? How can you talk to God when you cannot even see Him?
Jersha14How can I encourage a friend (who doesn’t believe in God) about Christianity?
Jersha14How can I encourage a friend (who doesn’t believe in God) about Christianity?
Jersha14How do I focus on reading my Bible and devotions without being distracted by for example entertainment?
Jersha14My question is when Jesus says you cannot serve both money and God. Is money the only one that can be an idol or there is something else too?
Jersha14My question is when Jesus says you cannot serve both money and God. Is money the only one that can be an idol or there is something else too?
Jersha14Why does God love me so much? Yet I failed too many times in my life and sinned.
Jersha14What is the difference to be genuine sorry and being sorry for getting yourself in trouble?
Jersha14What does it mean to be a true Christian? I know some people who are Christians but don’t really love the lifestyle of Christianity. I don’t think my lifestyle is really a Christian life either, I mean I don’t am not sure I have a purpose. So what do I do about it?
Jersha14As I was reading Joshua 1, in verse 8 God said something about do not neglect or depart the Book of the Law. So my question is what is the Book of the Law that God is talking about?
Samiir15I was listening to you in my car with my father, and heard you talking about the glory of God and how we would want to glorify the lord and never stop because it feels amazing when we are in his temple, It felt as of the holy spirit took over you because I was filled with so much joy, I was wondering if u could tell me then name of that video so I can show others
Samiir15How should I pray before I eat and when I wake up in the morning
Samiir15I've been wondering, I've notice I see all of these religions and I'm proud to be a 7th day Adventist. But do people actually need to claim a religion or can they just follow God through the bible
Samiir15I try my best to lose weight but nothing happens what should I do, because if i can't slim up i fear i may never make it to the kingdom of god
Samiir15I try my best to lose weight but nothing happens what should I do, because if i can't slim up i fear i may never make it to the kingdom of god
Samiir15How do I explain to my friends that's are Christian that Halloween is bad. And that wearing symbolic things of heavenly objects like crosses in forms of jewelry, and if you commit adultry like looking at girls is a sin
Maombi16Hey, I watched one of your sermons (The final performance) and I was wondering, So you know how all elements are gonna melt when Jesus comes, well didn't you say he was gonna take the righteous first and come back to judge the unrighteous after a 1000 years? I’m a bit confused can you explain the process of his coming a bit more, like what's gonna happen first? Thank you.
Sunny17How do I know when a dream I dream is inspired?
Maombi16Hey, How do I know it's God speaking to me and is it possible to have a conversation with him?
Samiir15I feel unmotivated to do anything I'm supposed to do, when I want to read the bible I just get lazy or something else gets in the way, but this is causing me to be disobedient sometimes to when I'm asked to do something for my parents. Has this something to do with evil
Samiir15My mom is a hard worker and doesnt work on Saturdays be we aren't able to go to church because we can't find a 7 days Adventist one close by, but we still pray and do what we do at home, are we sinning in any way
Samiir15My mom is a hard worker and doesnt work on Saturdays be we aren't able to go to church because we can't find a 7 days Adventist one close by, but we still pray and do what we do at home, are we sinning in any way
Samiir15How do I pray, when should I pray, and what do pray for or what should I say
Samiir15What ways can satan attack us and how? How do we atone for terrible sins we have done in the past
Samiir15What ways can satan attack us and how? How do we atone for terrible sins we have done in the past
Gavin16I am just wondering, what is your view on the Book of Mormon?
Gershom14Please explain: For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. - John 1:17
Know Me Not14Dear MIQ, I am sensing that my family is breaking apart... Why? I memorize a lot of bible verses and am in deep involvement in the church. I believe that Satan is trying to break apart my family because we are stepping closer to God. We are by the way, Seventh Day Adventists. I am a fan of Doug Bachelor and his messages. What kind of bible verses and EGW quotes can you give to encourage me, to keep me focused on the good and positive and not on the bad and the negative, like verses and quotes of advice. Please help, Know Me Not (P.S --- Please... every night, pray for my family, (Mother, Father, Me, Sister) and our ministry. I believe in interssory prayer.)
Jack17Who created God ?
Jack17Who created God ?
Gershom James14Why did God tell us when he would come the first time, but did not tell us the time of his second time?
Zion17I don't think I love myself enough, there isn't anything in my life to be happy about and I want to be a better person for myself and my girlfriend (She's on her religious journey as well). Can the bible help me with my problems and where can I find the passages? What can I do to feel good about myself. I don't feel sad or mad I just feel empty like my feelings for myself is just neutral. If any thing could you pray for me as well? Thank you.
Nyasha17Why is it that after you are Baptised you seem to backslide even more?
Sunny17What is Micah 2:1 referring to?
Jonekia Jenkins12Why does Ellen G white Claim that Jesus is White, if his feet were like burning fernest and hair like wool? Thank you
Miriam15Is protesting wrong? I'm not speaking of any kind in particular, but I just want to know whether or not criticizing the government and/or its leaders, and speaking up against policies and decisions that seem bad and wrong is in itself wrong. I'm trying to find an answer in the bible but some information confuses me. Romans 13:1-7 seems to say we shouldn't go against the government at all, no matter what. But sometimes the government is unfair and awful. Shouldn't we be able to work against injustice and be vocal in our disagreement if we want to? Other verses like proverbs 21:13 and proverbs 31:9 say that we should stand up for the poor and needy. Doesn't that include protesting then? I mean protests are used in order to bring attention to issues where those in need (which are in many situations the poor) are being mistreated by the government. Should we just be silent when the government treats us wrongly? Plus there have been many examples of protesting being used for good (including in the bible). Is p
Chantelle Gabrielle19I'm immoral And it's eating me up. How do I regenerate Christianity
Chantelle Gabrielle19I hate having too many friends. I thrive better by myself or in the company of few because Im not a talkative and I'm usually reserved. But every time I make a new friend, we end up doing immoral things. What should this guy do?
Knowmenot77716My friend keeps making me feel terrible about my past sins and that person always picks up arguments with me and I don't want to remember my past errors. What bible verses can I show my friend to make my friend to stop repeatedly pointing out my errors. You might say to stay away from my "friend" but I want to make my friend understand their error. Then I will stop hanging around them. Thanks for letting me present my silly question to you. Hope to get an answer...
Edi Choi14How can you hear God's voice? People tell me that I can hear His voice through the Bible. Does He speak like clearly like if a person is talking to me? How do I know if it's God speaking?
Samuel5Dear Pastor My 5 year old son wanted to know who made God?
Enoch15When God turned water into wine was it fermented grape juice or just grape juice?
Jessica12What is the beautiful garden called?
Garik16If Adventist know they shouldn't wear jewelry and makeup, and to be different from the world, who do we still have SDA's doing these things in church?
Adriana15Is it alright for women to preach from the pulpit? My friends and I are kind of confused because of the verse that says, "But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence." 1 Tim. 2:12 Does this verse mean that women can't teach? Or is it's point that a woman should be subject to men? Mrs. White herself taught. Does that mean it's acceptable in the sight of God? Or was she an exception? I am a girl, and I have preached a few sermons which I enjoy very much. I appreciate you answering! Thank you!
Paulo19Hey there, i am wondering something. I used to be catholic, derailed from the path of God for a while and now i am a new born christian. And i realized that God's words are in the Bible, i was very surprised when i discovered the truth about the sabbath and it's thanks to God and Mr. Batchelor. But when i tell my christian friends from other denominations about this they tell me to slow down and take it easy. Am i going too far or too fast? Just because i want to do things according to the Bible?
Gershom13Dear MIQ, In Daniel 7:10-12, a 4 great beasts are spoken of. As I understand, the judgment spoken in verse 10 is the judgement of all the people from Adam till the end - the judgement of 1844. The beast of verse 11 is the 4th beast which is pagan Rome, and the little horn in the same verse is papal Rome. This beast along with the little horn on its head is given to the burning flame and is consumed and destroyed. In verse 12 the other 3 beasts the, lion with eagles wings, the bear with 3 ribs in its mouth, and the leopard with eagles wings. These 3 beasts have their dominion taken away from them, but their lives were prolonged for a season and a time. How is it possible that the other 3 beasts gone byin history, are given a prolonged life, while the 4th beast is destroyed? How is it that the 4th beast was destroyed after 1844? How is it that after 1844, the other 3 beasts still exist? Please correct me if I am wrong. Thanks in Advance, Gershom P.S. --- I hope that I did not confuse you or tak
Anonymus16I know a person who has a problem of being attracted to older sometimes married women as is struggling with controlling himself.Is here anything he could do? Is it normal to be attracted to older people? What is the bibles point of view?
Koby16I want to feel sorrow for sin yet I can't seem to feel that thing from the heart to really feel it and cry. I feel like such an inconsiderate person and so evil, what do i do? We are also doing a drama at youth day at divine service! And I feel it is wrong to do this in church at divine service! Is it even right to do such activities in the church.
Koby16Is it write to listen to Christian Rock music like listening to the Third Day Band?
Barima16How do you advice that I share Jesus in my school which is a secondary school.
Kyei16What is the abomination of desolation and what is its significance in prophecy?
Gershom13Is it a sin to want to be someone great and important when you grow? In terms of being a preacher, or doctor. Are these thoughts considered as pride, or lust for recognition? Thanks in Advance, Gershom
Adriana15How do you keep your prayer life and your devotions from becoming monotonous, and ritualistic? I want to have good devotions in the morning, but when I pray about the same things, it just seems to become a ritual. What do I do?
Viren16If we have to go to church and stuff on sabbath how do we keep it and spend the rest of the time? do i read the bible all day until sunset or watch movies?soon im going to run out of things to do so its going to get quite boring and repetitive.
Viren16What am i allowed to do on the sabbath?
Adriana15When you have that quiet in the morning and you connect with God, how do you keep that alive through the rest of the day? How do you take God with you instead of just leaving him behind in the morning?
ADARSH GABRIEL RAJAN9Did Noah take Dinosaurs in his ark? Thank you. Pray for me as i am joining new school.
Gershom13Dear Amazing Facts MIQ, What is the order of the reformers? Like, who came first, last and in between. Thanks, Gershom
Lydia13While reading 1Corinthians I came across verse five which seemed to have been talking about woman of God covering there heads when coming before the Lord.Why do the muslim people where Hijabs but Christian woman don't when it seems to have been said in 1Corinthians:5? If it's because it's just old tradition than how do we know that not wearing tattos isn't just irrelavent because it is in Leviticus which is the Old Testament? I know it's not right to wear tattos but why do SDAs recognize that and seem to brush off the modest head covering apparell? Thank you in advance, I really appreciate all of the great privilages of this website!
Gershom13Dear Amazing Facts MIQ, How can there be straw in heaven? I read in the book of Isaiah 11:7 and Isaiah 65:25, that the lion shall eat straw like the ox or bullock? I ask this because straw is dead but doesn't the Bible say "there shall be no more death for the former things are passed away"(Rev 21:4)? Does the word death in Rev 21:4 talk about only humans? I don't think so because EGW said that when she picked a flower in her vison of Heaven she cried out "It will never fade" talking about the flowers. So, is there really straw in Heaven when there is no death in heaven? Thanks, Gershom
Sue15I just wanted to know how do you know when you are keeping the Sabbath correctly, how to you know when you have broken the Sabbath commandment and does whatapp and gadgets in general is the reason for breaking the Sabbath? If so how to stop from doing so
Chris16before i speak, just heads up, do not talk about the bible with me. i am an atheist which is where i don't believe and i hate god a jesus. thats what an atheist is in my family. my girlfriend and i have been fighting because i have major anger issues i can't control and i can't talk to anyone cause i come from a violent family. what should i do to control my anger and my Tourette's syndrome? i need to change in order to keep her. please help me. if no response, then i may cry myself to sleep like a retarded girl. thank you
Stefano12Dear Pastor Doug and Pastor Jean, Joshua led the children of Israel to the promise land. Was the promise land Heaven?
Vitaly16Is it okay to eat a guinea pig? Is it considered a unclean animal
Gershom13Dear MIQ/Amazing Facts, I have quite a few questions, but my main question is the first question below. When or what is the modern day abomination of desolation, and how does it apply to us? (Please correct me if I am wrong below) I know that the abomination of desolation is when the pagan armies are desecrating the Holy place, (Which I read was Jeruslaem…) by standing within a few meters of the land, surrounding the walled area of Jerusalem. I also read, that the first time the armies surrounded the walls of Jerusalem they mysteriously disappeared, and that, that was the sign that the true children of God must run to the mountains, but if not; they would be killed, after a few months or years the armies returned and besieged the city of Jerusalem. But my other question is when do we have to run to the mountains? Was Jesus presenting an end-time prophecy in Matthew, or was he presenting a prophecy that fulfilled and finished in (AD 70)? Does this occur after the gospel has been preached to all the
Rebecca14How do I know when to get baptised? I've been thinking about it a lot lately and I'm not sure if I should, I'm kinda scared because usually you have to do a speech or say your testimony to everyone in your church and I really don't want to do that... and do you actually HAVE to get baptised? Is it preferred? Will I not go to heaven if I don't?
Rebecca14Me and my best friend just had a fight about baptising infants. He was baptised when he was born and I haven't yet made the decision. He was saying that his parents wanted an early start for him to live a godly life, but isn't baptism about personally making the decision about committing your life with Jesus and washing yourself clean from your sins? I'm pretty sure babies haven't really sinned, and they can't make that big of a choice, like I knew someone at my old church who had been married to her christian husband for about 25 years and only just getting baptised after all this time, I doubt babies can make that sort of choice. But he's standing his ground and making me feel really miserable, I just dont get how a baby can get baptised, I've found bible verses for him and he still isn't giving in, what do I do? Am I right?
sue14what is the age gap in a relationship? I've always been curious but i never got the answer i desired. for Abraham was 10 years older than Sarah and i wanted to know if the same age gap still apllies or is it changed.
Miriam14What does the bible say about the lost when they see Jesus at His return? I've heard that they would die, and the saints would be taken to heaven for a thousand years while Satan roams the earth, and then the lost will make a final attempt to overtake the holy city, which will end in their destruction. But is that true? If so, where does the bible say this?
Adriana15Will there be marriage in heaven? Or at least the new earth? I know in the bible it says that at the resurrection there won't be any marrying or giving in marriage. But it doesn't say in heaven or in the new earth. Just the resurrection. That is what God has created us for. If there is no marriage, will my parents not be married anymore? Or my grandparents? That doesn't make sense!
Adriana15I was reading the article you guys sent me about getting closer to God. And in it it said that we should confess our sins to God every day. Does that mean we confess whatever we did wrong that day? It wouldn't make sense to confess sins already confessed, forgiven, and forgotten. So, could you clarify? Thanks!
Adriana15I accepted Jesus into my life, and I could see him working to get the sin out of my life. I walked closely with him for like 5 weeks, and I'd never felt so happy! But now, I'm kind of falling back into what I used to do. My pureness and abstinence from it is sporadic, and I don't know what to do. I miss the sweet communion with God, and that wonderful feeling of being right with him. What should I do? How can I go back to following him 100%?
marta16Hey I've got a question I'm kinda sturgiling with Christianty my family is Catholic but i really don't feel like i'm Catholic and I'm planning on telling them that I would want to get Baptized again and become a prodestend how could i tell them without ofending them ?
Shiloh15In Genesis 45:8, Joseph tells his brothers "[God] hath made me a father to Pharaoh." At first, I figured that Pharaoh was really young (because Joseph was only in his early forties) but then my mom directed me to the story in Judges 17. In that story, Micah asks the Levite to "be unto me a father" (vs. 10) but in verse 11, it hints that Micah was actually quite a bit older than the Levite who was a "young man." So is the biblical "father" really like a father figure or is it more of an advisor?
Gershom13Dear MIQ Team, In the book of Job, Job talks about various constellations and one of them is Mazzaroth. When I looked it up on the internet they were saying it is something to do with a Hebrew word for zodiac... Could you please explain to me who or what is Mazzaroth? Gershom James
Gershom13Dear MIQ Team, I really need help finding the full Ellen G White quote of the portion: ..."dark portions of the Orion Nebula as “tubes through which we may look into the"... This part of the quote baffles me. I really want to know the whole quote. Thanks, Gershom James
Gershom13Dear MIQ Team, How big is the New Jerusalem compared to anything BIG in this world. I read that it could be as big as, most of Europe, 1/3 of the United States... But what are the dimensions of the New Jerusalem, and how do they relate (area wise) to the world? Thanks for Any Answer Ahead Ahead of Time , Gershom (P.S. I really hope this question does not confuse you, I tried to simplify it the best I could?.)
Chris15Does the Bible talk about careers? What do you think would be the best career choice for someone these days?
Gershom13Dear Amazing Facts "MIQ Question Response Team", I have been reading a book called "Heaven" which is a compilation... Author: Ellen G White. ???My actual question is at the bottom of the "letter"??? In one of her visions about heaven she said: "And as we were about to enter the temple, Jesus raised His lovely voice and said, Only the 144,000 enter this place, and we shouted Alleluia." In the book "The Great Controversy" she said: ???(I'm sure this is also a vision)??? “I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the Temple of it.” Revelation 21:22... The people of God are privileged to hold open communion with the Father and the Son. “Now we see through a glass, darkly.” 1 Corinthians 13:12... We shall stand in His presence and behold the glory of His countenance." In the first quote she saw a temple in heaven, but in the second quote she says that there is no temple because Jesus is the Temple. I really don't understand this. But I do understand that
Adriana15Should we keep Christmas? Mrs. White seems to indicate that's it's okay, but it must be kept with care. My parents never led my brother and I to believe there was a Santa Claus. It was always centered on Christ's birth, giving gifts to each other, lights, and all that. But Mrs. White says we should be very careful on giving gifts too. I'm kind of confused... because my friends are seeming to go in the direction that Christmas shouldn't be kept the way we normally keep it. It should be kept with care. And that's true... But I'm confused!! Please help!
Chris15How do I know what God wants me to do with my life?
Sierra14How can I explain Sabbath and it's importance to my 16 year old Methodist friend? How would you explain it to a 16 year old Methodist?
Adriana14How can I give my heart to Jesus and not take it back? It seems when I repent of my sins, they're all empty promises, and I just go back to doing what I've been doing. One of my best friends told me to just give one thing at a time, and start with the little things. This is right, isn't it? Where do I start? I really want to follow Jesus!

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