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Gershom12Dear, Amazing Facts Team I hears that EGW saw a picture and said that it was resembling Jesus not fully but closely, I searched through the internet, but couldn't find it, if you don't mind could you please send me that picture Gershom
Gershom12Dear Amazing Facts Team, What is the shape of the new Jerusalem? Is it a pyramid or a cube? Gershom
Gershom12Dear Amazing Facts Team I'm not really a teen but I'v got a question In the bible in Revelation 11:13 it says 13 And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven. What does this really mean? Gershom James
Gershom12Dear Amazing Facts Team I'm not really a teen but I'v got a question In the bible in Revelation 11:13 it says 13 And the same hour was there a great earthquake, and the tenth part of the city fell, and in the earthquake were slain of men seven thousand: and the remnant were affrighted, and gave glory to the God of heaven. What does this really mean? Gershom James
hannah13how do I know god is real and where did he come from?????????
Shantell19What should l do if l truly love someone who shows that l love him only when we are together but at the same time, l feel unappreciated. Is it a goo dthing to continue the relationship or l risk sinning?
Gershom12Dear Pastor Doug, I am 12 years old, I begged of my attending angel to let me remain in that place. I could not bear the thought of coming back to this dark world again. Then the angel said, “You must go back, and if you are faithful, you, with the 144,000, [Note: the wording is “you with the 144,000,” not “you as one of the 144,000.”] shall have the privilege of visiting all the worlds and viewing the handiwork of God.” Does this mean that only the 144000 will have the privilege of visiting all the worlds?
Kay19Hi, at the moment im struggling between two extremes of a guy, they both confessed they like me but one is not interested and thinks i'm too young, the one that is not interested is four years older than me and is not that mature or that kind in my experience.., the other is four years younger than me but is very nice and mature.. but he's still in highschool, i'm living in between two extremes and i dont know what to do, the younger friend he looks like hes 25.. and acts more mature and is interested in being in a relationship but he lives in another far town and of course we both want to put his education first..., the other who is four years older than me is where alot of people including my pastor etc. believe he should've dated me and thinks he lost a really 'great' 'opportunity' as they often describe... im reallly stuck because i like them both and the older guy would be a more appropriate option since we are both out of school and working but i dont understand him.. after we agreed to just be frie
Sierra14"... Before the gods I will sing praises to you." (Psalm 138:1b NKJV) What gods? I thought there was only one.
Sierra14Number 9 in the 10 commandments says don't lie, but what about in cases like Rahab hiding the Israelite spies, and telling the soldiers that they weren't there?
Gershom12In the book Amazing Facts Prophecy For Kids it shows the Golden image which Daniels friends did not bow down to,hitting The abdomen not the feet. This is a very important detail because Jesus is going to come in the time span of the iron and the clay not the time period of Greece which is the abdomen I just wanted to let you know. I am a kid not a teen but I hope you will answer me. :-) Gershom (12 years old)
loretta mataswa18Is it right to date as a teenager and if not why
Joy17Hello, I would appreciate it if I recieved some advice on an issue that's been hanging over my head. Last year I had got on a bus and an inspector came on the bus and gave me a fine for using a child ticket/daysaver (by the way I am a student). A bus driver previously told me clearly that during school term I was able to use my student card to get a child ticket/daysaver. Now I honestly didn't know that you couldn't do that as I trusted the bus driver's word. Now I'm not sure whether I should pay this fine, when it was not my fault.
Leon19can not understand,if god really love us,why he send War,Disease,Hate,even some damn government to this world. I think,if he really love us,he should finish the bad,and give the good. everyone said,god can do every thing.but he just dont,maybe he want to training us,but for what? we people training our kid,for let them be a good guy,and for finish evil. but god? ----------------liebe grusse Leon
Sierra14What does the Bible say about magic? Does fantasy magic like in movies such as Disney's Frozen fall into the same category as witchcraft, and are either Satanic like I've heard?
Joy17Why did God in the Old Testament seem so mean for e.g. Deuteronomy 13:10 This makes me scared and He seems scary almost. Thank you for reading, God bless
Breeana19Why does God let bad things happen if He is always in control of every situation and He loves us?
Breeana19Why does God let bad things happen if He is always in control of every situation and He loves us?
Joy17There recently seems to be a real desire to know if the race of the hebrews were black. And if Christ Jesus is actually a black man? These questions are so intriguing to me as I just don't know how to explain them away. Thank you reading, God bless.
Jamie18Did God love Lucifer? Was he the most loved of all the angels?
Shay'La17Hi there, my question is... How can I have a relationship with my parents, when they sometimes drive me have crazy and it's so annoying. They won't let me grow up and I think they are really super controlling.
Andrews16Should I date another SDA girl in high school (Grade 11)? Is this what God wants?
sofia19when the bible speaks of forgiving 7xs 7 and your love your neighbour as I loved you, who is it referring about. who is our neighbour and who are we suppose to forgive every time, our brothers n sisters in Christ or everybody. I am having trouble with this because when I forgive a person that doesn't believe in God they continue to do things against me that are unfair to me. I have patience with people that surround me but they don't care about me or that they are wrong. I feel guilty after when I stand up for my self, specially cause the bible says you shouldn't be a stumbling block to someone n be a good example of Christ. can you please explain this for me
Alexes17In the MIQ book there was a quote from Martin Luther about Christian colleges. As a senior in high school, I am looking at it from a modern standpoint. Is going to a Christian college or university still good? Even though those very same institutions have the same temptations that other institutions may have?
Alexes17I do not read horoscopes but I do read up on zodiac personality traits often. Although they are not telling a fortune, they are accurate in most places about how each sign acts. I was wondering, are paying attention to zodiac signs bad? Even if we don't read horoscopes?
Wayne16Hi. What do God says about Insecurities? I have a lot of insecurities and its affecting my self esteem. And a lot of things is going through my mind like trying to take cosmetic surgery. If i do that. Will God angry at me? Is cosmetic surgery a sin? I want to live a life with confidence and my insecurities if affecting it. Hope you can help me. Godbless! ??
Ngonga19My question,is it wrong to be kissing when you are dating? I would really like to know becuase i am now thinking about dating i would not want to data in the right way.
Helen13Hi my name is Helen and I'm 13. My question is did Jesus really die for all people me included? I know different spots in the Bible Jesus is talking to other people and I never feel like its meant for me. How can I be for sure these promises are for me also not just the people Jesus was speaking to? Thank you!
Sunny14Sorry for putting that last one in twice. I wasn't sure if it made it.
Sunny14Thanks for answering my last question. But I have one more. What's the Urantia Book? Is it to be trusted like the Bible and Ellen White?
Sunny14Hi thanks for answering my question but I have one more. What's the Urantia Book? Is it to be trusted like the Bible and Ellen White?
Sunny14I was wondering if I could get information about Simon Zelotes. I know that he was a hater of Rome, ardent, and faithful; but I was wondering where he went to share Jesus and how he died. Thank you!
Boikanyo17What exactly is the midnight cry in the book of revelation?
Wayne16Is Cosmetic Surgery bad? I have a lots of insecurities and I'm planning do it. But if i do it. Will God be angry at me?
Anna13Hello, My name is Anna and I'm 13. My question is did Jesus really die for all the people of the whole entire world? I know there's verses like 1 John 2:2, but I just feel like this is a challenging subject since there are so many people in the world...even being born every minute! Also I love to read Ellen Whites writings...does she talk about this too? Thank you!
Leonidah19Hi MIQ team, 1 Corinthians 14 speaks about speaking in other tongues being a gift of the Holy Spirit. Yet I've heard many preachers insist that every believer has the ability to speak in tongues because we have the Holy Spirit. Then, what does Paul mean when he says 1 Corinthians 14:14-15,, that he first prays in spirit then in understanding? Kindly help. Thank you
Jonathan18In long term dating relationships, how much physical contact is biblically immoral? I've seen arguments in which people suggested that hugging and kissing is a bad idea because people can get carried away, but I haven't seen anything in the bible declaring that premarital physical contact, other than intercourse, is wrong in its own sense.
Helen13Hi! My name is Helen and I had a question...what did Jesus look like? In most paintings He is pictured with reddish blonde hair and blue eyes, but if He was a Jew wouldn't He have darker hair and skin and eyes? Also, I heard there is a letter from the time of Jesus that Pontius Pilate wrote to Tiberius Caesar about Jesus and His this letter truth? Thank you! Helen
Freddy19Great controversy page 656 says multitudes will cry and say that their unfaithful pastors are the cause of their ruin. "Men, womens, maidens, and little children perish together." So this implies that people under false teachers will be destroyed? Or those who accepted the teachings of these false teachers ?
Temara15How can i love my siblings without hating them
Freddy19And he took butter, and milk, and the calf which he had dressed, and set it before them; and he stood by them under the tree, and they did eat. Gen 18:8. Did the angels ate meat ? If so, why ?
Freddy19What do you think of September 23, 2015 ? The world is going Crazy about this date. Is it wise to just ignore it?
Freddy19Will the Bible still be used in heaven ?
Bailey16I know that everything must be put into moderation and I'm currently trying to get rid of some things in my life like TV shows. There are certain shows that I know I'm going to stop watching because the basis of the show is bad but others I know have good aspects to them like some action shows with superheroes so is it ok to watch them in moderation?
Bailey16I believe that God gave special roles to women and men but we are all still equal in his eyes even though we have different purposes. Is this biblically correct or does God believe that men have a higher purpose? Won't it be like we are all equals once we live in eternity with him in heaven?
Oluwatomi16Why is the bible so misogynistic? Is it because God views women as lesser beings than men or because the bible was written by men who were influenced by their time and their patriarchal culture?
Elise14Dear MIQ, I am doing a study to find out what was nailed to the cross. I am aware of Colossians 2:14, and I know what ordinances it is talking about. Doug Batchlor says that the answer of which ordinances can be found in Leviticus ch. 23, but the Sabbath Day commandment is in that chapter and that wasn't nailed to the cross, so I am confused. I heard someone say also that if the handwritten ordinances were nailed to the cross, would that mean that the Ten Commandments were nailed to the cross since they were hand written? I need to study the Sanctuary also because it has a lot of answers also. Please help me find verses about which handwritten ordinances were nailed to the cross. Thank you very much, God bless!
Karia8Hi I play soccer, and I really enjoy it. My team sometimes has the games on Saturdays which is Sabbath. I don't attend the games on Sabbath, but I do on other days when they have games. Is it bad to compete with the other team??? I like to play for fun but when I compete I get all excited about it what should I do?????
Rosalie13Hi I have a question about helping another religion. Anyways, I am a S.D.A and I go to a Seventh Day Adventist church , but I do more things with the Pental Costal church like, youth group, kids club ,V.B.S and so on. I told one of my friends at the S.D.A church and all she said: "Your working for them." To me she sounded like it is bad to help them.My friends at the Pental Costal church really need my help for V.B.S. I really want to help them, but I feel like I'm letting my S.D.A church down. Can you please help me???????
Sierra13How do you know if you've blasphemed the holy spirit?
Jenneh Bockarie19is man completely free to choose , to act morally and ethically?
Jenneh Bockarie19what is the standard, the final authority for what is right or wrong?
J18Hello, i hope this question will be looked at by Doug Batchelor, because im really struggling in regards to my future. I really appreciate the helpful advice you gave me a little while ago about relationships but i forgot to mention how i really want to come to AFCOE, ALOT, and i don't know whether ill be alright if i go to this year's semester in the states because as you know the pope is coming to the states, and im wondering all sorts of things just anxious questions but regardless of that i really want to come but.. i have many questions i would ask but it would be pointless to ask anyways to be honest.. i really want to go i would love to be in an environment like afcoe and i really appreciate your talks on youtube greatly... and i guess i have one specific question which would be, are you definitely going to carry out afcoe this year despite the arrival of the pope...?
Elise14My dad and I have some Seventh-Day-Adventist/ Hebrew friends that are saying that the last supper was a new covenant where salvation comes from the grape juice and the bread not from the sacrifice and the blood of Jesus. They also say that in the Old Testament there was really no such thing of sacrifices because in the original translation the word sacrifice was not there, referring to the book of Daniel. Some of my friends I feel are being deceived, I am only 14, I don't know how to debate with a rabbi.
J18Hi, I wanted to know whether is it encouraged to get married or to stay single in the end times?, i was told ellen white and God says that if we can endure being single in these end times to do it, but I really can't stand being lonely, im terrified almost, i want to love someone and help spread the message and help save lives with the person i marry, i want to meet someone who won't ever replace God, but someone who i can love and where we both encourage each other to rely on God and to help uplift each other towards a more personal and heavenly relationship with God individually. Ive dated roughly twice to be abit more specific and they werent proper relationships, they were more of rush of desperation for love and being naive so only lasted a week or less or less than a couple of months, i was tempted to have sex but Praise the Lord the guy and myself abstained from that and i remain a virgin to this day and plan to until i get married if thats in God's plan for me.. I get confused because every tim
Molly17In Revelation 5:3, it says "But no one in heaven or on earth or under the earth could open the scroll or even look inside it." I'm guessing those in Heaven are the angels, and those on the Earth are us, but who are they talking about under the earth? Is the verse speaking of the dead? Or does "those on the earth" also include creatures? If it does, then would "those under the earth" also be some types of animals? I've read that the fallen angels walk amongst us ON the earth, but would the verse be referring to them as those UNDER the earth?
Molly17(Isa 28:21) Destroying people with fire seems like a drastic change in character for God. At Mount Perazim He simply removed His protection.Since that was mentioned, will this be what happens in the end? While the physical fire cleanses the corpses?
Molly17What exactly is the God Head? Are they "pieces" of one individual (sort of like time, matter, and space being different but creating one big universe)? Or are they three separate individuals entirely?
Eibrahim13The bible says there is a great light to rule the day and a lesser light to rule the night but in science we know that the sun is the source of the light in the day and the night because the light from the sun reflects off of the moon
Sierra13OK. I know this is unexpected. This isn't a bible question, but I don't know who else to turn to who will take me seriously. I think my mom is suicidal. She's shown several signs of it. I live far away from therapy and my parents can't afford a ton of gas money. And I don't have a phone to call a suicide hotline. What should I do?
Doris Irene15Why does God for give me for the most horrible things and why does saintin make me feel bad and think God doesn't listen to what I say or help me
Doris15Why does God for give me for the most horrible things and why does saintin make me feel bad and think God doesn't listen to what I say or help me
Doris15Why does God for give me for the most horrible things and why does saintin make me feel bad and think God doesn't listen to what I say or help me
Sierra13I went to my cousin's house for a sleepover, and I watched a movie with her that I shouldn't have watched. The movie caught my attention and I immediately fell in love with it, so to speak. I feel bad about it, but I can't get my mind off it. I still have every scene etched into my mind. Is there any way at all I can get over this?
Sierra13Is it a sin to watch movies with people possessing magical powers? For example, in Disney's movie, Frozen, Queen Elsa can make snow and ice and can even freeze things with a touch. I really love this movie, but I'm not sure what to think about it now. Please help me.
Sierra13Is it a sin to watch movies with people possessing magical powers? For example, Disney's movie, Frozen. In this movie Queen Elsa has the ability to make snow and ice and even to freeze things with a touch. It's a really good movie and I'm obsessed with it. But I'm unsure what to think of it now. Please help me.
Akash pt17can we get a clear view on the principle of millennium from the bible ?
Karia8Is it alright to listen to Christian rock music as a S.D.A (seventh day Adventist)????????????
William11I had a dog named Tacoma who I loved very much, but he died at a very young age because the people who owned sheep thought that Tacoma killed their lambs we don't know really if he did killed those lambs but were very sad about it. Also the owners killed Tacoma even though it wasn't their dog. do they have the right to do that even though it isn't their dog. PLEASE help me I am very sad. Will he be in Heaven???
Rosalie13I am a seventh day Adventist does God get upset if we think about the boys we like???
Karia8Is it bad to wear makeup as a seventh day Adventist????
William11I am a seventh day Adventist, is it bad to play with star war LEGO's????
William11Where did God the father come from????
Tabitha18Hi. My question is about certain job that Seventh Day Adventist should not have. I am just curious about if having a job as an cashier in a supermarket where they sell unclean meats(especially around Christmas time when they are selling hams) would be a sin to God. This question came to my mind because I remember reading an article online where a Muslim cashier would not serve a customer because they were buying pork and she told him to wait for the next cashier. Thank you for your time.
Rosalie13do we need to be totally perfect to go to heaven???
Lily Polenchuk10If God Is real, why does He give us consequences?
Akash pt17Our righteousness in nothing before God and we become righteous by the merit of Jesus but God wants us to be righteous...So how does that work ?
Shiloh14I believe that God knows everything. From the end to the beginning. But if that's true then how could we have free choice? I mean, God knows who will follow him and who won't. So then people can't except God because they aren't in. I don't know how to explain it very well. Sorry. Basically, how can God give people free will if he already knows what will happen? They can't go against Him.
Shuntae13Is it a sin to feel attracted to the opposite sex?
Sierra13How will God judge people with mental retardation on judgment day? Like someone with Down Syndrome, or Williams Syndrome, or even worse. I have known people like that and they don't really know better. So will God have mercy on them?
Sierra13I'm reading Song of Solomon in the Bible. Solomon says stuff to his wife like "your thighs are like jewels," "your navel is a rounded goblet," "your breasts are like fawns," "honey and milk are under your tongue," etc. She says similar stuff: "his head is like the finest gold," "cheeks like spices," "legs like pillars of marble," etc. I suppose they think the other is sexy, but what strange comparisons. Why is this book in the Bible?
Sierra13My mom says that Contemporary Christian music is bad. She says it's not something a Christian should listen to and that it's one of the Devil's tools to decieve people. My mom has never lied to me and I follow her guidelines. But I don't quite understand where she's coming from. Can you please help me out? Thanks.
Sierra13Got another quick question. What exactly does miq mean? Is it a word or an abbreviation?
Sierra13By the way, are you still using people's questions on the MIQ TV show? Cause if you are, please don't use my questions. Or if you think it would be nessesary to use my questions I would prefer to be anonymous, if you don't mind.
Sierra13Hey. I've been reading in the Bible about Moses lately and discovered that the children of Israel complained a lot. They had food, water, and shelter. They had gained freedom from slavery in Egypt. They had a great leader, Moses. They weren't lacking any of their basic needs. Why then, did they choose to be so ungrateful?
yessica19Can I dye my hair and curl it
yessica19Is it OK to be married on a beach with a pastor.. and to have a wedding ring?
yessica19I have ear piercing.. since I was littlE. Is that bad?
Sierra13Does the Bible say anything about masturbation? If so, what does it say?
Sierra13I think my dad either has a lot of issues or just hates me. He's a workaholic and hangs out with his friends a lot in his spare time. For that reason, he's never at home much except to eat supper and go to bed. I never get any quality time with him. My mom complains about this too. She has talked about this to my dad numerous times throughout the years. Many of those conversations turned into arguments. My mom has even suggested leaving my dad. My parents split up a few years ago and got back together. I don't wanna go through that again, but I'm sick of lacking affection from my father and seeing him giving so much fatherly affection to his friends' kids when he's around them. I hear a close friend of mine talk about how my dad is much more of a father to her than her dad is. He's nothing like a good father to me. When I try to spend time with him he acts like I'm nothing but a bother. Why does God allow so many kids to have awful families? And how exactly do I deal with this? How do I cope? Does the Bib
Elise14Hello :) I live with my mom and my brother who sadly aren't Christians. My dad is a Christian, but I only get to be with him three weekends a month and holidays :(. Now that I am a Christian, I don't watch TV or unchristian movies. I watch Amazing Facts videos, Amazing Facts films, Christian movies, 3BN Seventh Day Adventist sermons, things like that. My mom and my brother watch TV and unchristian movies. I don't now, PRAISE GOD, but I used to love watching ungodly shows, NOT like porn movies or gross shows, but you know just shows Christians shouldn't watch, shows that didn't help me spiritually at all. When ever I go out into the living room at my moms and brothers house, they are always watching things like that. I have a hard time not looking at the TV a few times when I go out there. What do I do? I don't want to look at or pay any attention to the TV! Please help me! Thank you so much God bless you!!!
june19it is written in the bible that thou shalt not lie but how about the case of Rahab lying to save the spies how about the case Abraham lying that Sarah is his sister? is there a difference?
Danae16Is it a sin to get a tattoo even if its a bible verse?
Elise14Hello, This is a long story but I will try to summarize it. So my dad is going through a big test right now. We live up in a summer camp in the mountains and my dad works there too. He had an accident with a saw at work (he is a carpenter, a really good one too) and cut off half of his middle finger on his left hand. Someone at his work messed up the saw and when he ran the wood into the blade it did something weird and pulled his hand into the saw blade. He has been out of work since like September because he is having a lot of trouble with his finger not being able to bend and its having a negative affect on his left index finger. Since he is out of work it really makes it hard for him to pay bills, and pick me up on weekends (my parents are sadly divorced) my moms is not a Christian and she is mad because she thinks my dad is faking and stuff. He is going to court soon because the camp has broken a lot of laws and has done illegal things to my dad too about work-mans-comp and stuff like that. The camp
akash17I'm eager to obey God .So how can I stop the habit of masterbation....plz help me
june borromeo19what is the importance of fasting? is it biblical? is it even physically healthy? i read in few articles that fasting is not healthy.
Elise14Hello, Times are tough for me right now. I know Ellen White says conversion is not a feeling, conversion is hating the things you once loved and loving the things you once hated. I have accepted Jesus into my life around September 2014, so pretty recently. May you please help me understand how God promises He will never leave me because that's the last thing I want! I just feel some how that I am separating myself from God, I can't really explain how I feel, but to be honest it makes me want to cry.... May you please give me some advice and uplifting words? May you please site some Ellen White quotes for me as well as Bible verses. My Dad says that we can separate ourselves from God, but nothing can separate us from His love for us. The devil is really crushing me, it feels, and I don't want to feel this way. I want to have the best relationship with God that I can but homework is getting in the way of my Bible studies that I have with myself and God. Prayer is always a blessing! My parents are divorced
Reagan9how will God punish satan in the future? i go to this Christian program and it is called AWANA it teaches you the Bible. can u help me find this answer? i really need it fast!!!!!!
levi16is it ok to watch star wars of any type
Abigail10How can God judge special-needs people on judgement day? He has to judge every one but they wont understand.
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