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kondwani18In Matthew 27:51-52 there's a narration that soon at Christ's death there was an earthquake and many saints resurrected. that is prior to the earthquake the saints resurrected but verse 53 says they (the saints) came out of the tombs after his (Christ's) resurrection, Christ died on friday & rose on sunday if the gaves opened with the earthquake then it was on friday and if the saints came out after Christ's resurrection then they came out on Sunday , so does that mean the graves opened on friday & the saints came out on sunday at Christ's resurrection?
Karys14My question is going to be about making the right choice. I've always been a really good person according to me. But recently when the guy I like asked me out I said yes and now have a boyfriend, he is a Christian Yet I don't know how devoted he is besides knowing that his dad has done several missionary trips and such. After a unpleasant visit with him and his friends I gained knowledge that he could be involved in bad things stuff not even worth repeating. All I can say is i don't want to be influenced in a any way by their ways and I need to get away from it. The only reason for me asking this question is because my first instinct was God and tht I need to turn to God for help. My head is saying get away leave it alone you don't new to be around this don't get into this just leave. But my heart for my boyfriend is saying maybe he's not involved why would I had said yes to him in the first place and maybe you should talk to him about it. I need help and guidance if I weren't afraid of loosing him I
Eric19Hello, I still don't understand how the Dinosaurs fit into the whole scheme of things and the 7 day creation period. Are there Biblical passages that address this issue? Eric
kondwani18In Matthew chapter 22:41-46 Jesus asks the question whos son is Jesus. the pharisees answer by saying son of David Jesus then quotes Psalms 110 in correction to their answer . So my query is according to Jesus answer then he is not the son of David but of the Lineage of the Davidic family line so if David called him Lord/Adonai that means He's God how did the Pharisees miss the point when there were prophecies pointing to Jesus being divine
yosef19how do i know if a girl i like is the right one for me or not?
kondwani18 I was reading that problematic verse of Matthew 16:17-20 & my question is when Christ asks the question of who people think he is it gets to the point where he says that God revealed to petet the answer which he gave but as one proceeds reading verses 21-23 Jesus now calls Peter satan ,how could minutes or hours ago peter be with God then seconds later with satan which is which?
kondwani18ah can you please help me to know what to do whenever i hear contradicting/conflicting statements/teachings from pastors of the same denomination like this instance some say the Israelites crossed the red sea others say the reeds sea others the gulf of aquaba which is which?
Eleazar17How are you completely sure that what the Bible says is the truth? Use evidence outside of the Bible.
june18Proverbs 31:6. what is the sense of this in drinking alcohol.
Lawrence16 In what verse does it explain that in hell you will be tortured. I think it was maggots but in what verse does it explain.
desiree forte13why did the sunday worshipers change the Sabbath day to sunday long ago?
Salma17My friend doesn't believe In god. I took him to my apostolic christian church for about 4 months. He still doesn't believe fact ...he stopped going . Why ? What do I do ?
T.J.16If God can control everything, why did he let Satan sin?
Kondwani18According to the bible the 10 commandments were there even before man's creation meaning that they date back there existence to eons of years in heaven so if that is the case they are in heaven and must be observed by angels since angels r beings created before the law but problems arise if you try to apply the last 6 laws to the. angels so my question is were the laws for man only or for angel & man
june18Is it wrong to exercise on the sabbath day?
Leah15I was baptized when I was eleven and raised Christian. On my own I had/have a personal relationship with God and love God dearly. But for two very short periods in my life I decided to be an atheist due to depression and science although I secretly still believed. I told a few of my friends about it at that time that I "was" an atheist and even told atheist/agnostic friends that God didn't ex**t. I have repented since then and accepted Jesus back into my heart but do I have to get baptized again and what about this verse Matthew 10:33 "But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven". Does this mean I am doomed forever, have I been forgiven, have I commited the unforgivable sin. I'm so scared, please help me, I just want to put that all behind me but I'm really really worried that I did something terrible/unforgivable have I truly been forgiven and do I have to be baptized again. I'm terrified and reallyyyyyyyyy sorry I did something so naive/stupid.
jaydon13Why does God get mad at people when he can see the future and tell us what choice to make knowing we wont and get angry?
anthony19video game and the sda, can i get a guideline on that please.. i dont know what to play, one thing i do know is that once there is magic or praying to gods its a no no but what about the violence and monsters, please give me a detailed answer.
kondwani18the bible says ye shall kindle no fire in your habitations on the sabbath day Exod 35:3 is it wrong to do that on the sabbath nowadays coz i think this was a command addressing the Israelites
kondwani18the bible says no one hath seen the father but the son who is in the bosom of the father hath declared Him contrary to this Moses Elijah& Enoch were already in heaven by this time so how come according to Jesus statements it shows that they havent seen him.
kondwani18the bible says no one hath seen the father but the son who is in the bosom of the father hath declared Him contrary to this we have instances where people say they have seen God how is it so
kondwani181st Question: is women ordination biblical ? why do people say its not proper for a woman to conduct a service at divine hour or time of prayer
Haley15Hi. So I really struggle with watching movies. I feel like I need to watch them everyday to get satisfaction when really, I know that it is taking me farther from God. Instead of keeping my mind on Him I have it on movies. I don't want to be a slave to this. Satan knows this is one of my greatest weaknesses. I tried to stop and pray but when the opportunity comes I find myself weak, helpless, and powerless. I know God is testing me to see how true I am to Him. I so want to grow closer to Him! I feel a terrible battle going on inside of me, knowing whats right but still doing whats wrong. My faith is so weak. I'm so tired of the struggle. Watching all these movies makes the Bible less interesting and I find myself reading it less often and when I do, I am so distracted. Satan has me in a trap and I don't know what to do. I do not want this in my life anymore. How can I overcome this?
paul16how to I be happy? I think more money would make me happy. I think god, wants me to be rich. how do I live this life, so I will be successful and rich?
paul16what should I do when I have a problem? I want a answer to everything but I don't know what to do with my problems.
clyde14my question is does it matter what day we go to church and where does it say it in the bible
Freddy18The bible mentions nothing about masturbation as a dangerous issue. But Mrs Ellen White says that it leads to fatal consequences. Whereas scientists have proven the facts that masturbation prevents prostate cancer! Do you have an explanation?
raera18I think that I have a problem.I have been watching pornography and everytime I do it I ask God to forgive you think God will keep forgiving me when I do wrong and know the right but because of passion and temptation I watch it
Caleb16How can I know God's will for my life??
Xie17Dear Brothers:          I want to know Christians can wear wedding ring? Pastor Doug says Christians should not wear gold and silver jewelry.                                                                                                         Love your brother: Xie Tian
Mallaidh16I've always heard it preached in the Adventist church that at the end God's wrath is poured out in hellfire to consume the wicked. But then I heard this message, (No viruses, don't worry) and what he says at the end makes sense. All throughout the Bible God is described as a consuming fire, and Ellen White says that God will do a "strange act". Is this strange act opposite of what the church teaches? Will it be the righteous that will be standing in the Consuming Fire that is God? (Mostly the last half of the video)
clyde14were there giants back in the old time?
rae17When should you begin to start dating? Can kissing and touching be allowed within a relationship? Can I date someone who is not of the seventh day Adventist faith?
june18can you explain to me why are some foods not good to eat?
Xie Tian17Dear Brothers: I want to know how to choose a church? How should I choose the pastor baptized? Your brother :Xie Tian
houstone king17most of us young people are deceived by the devil so by deceived by him does it matter if you get attempted or follow this worldly stuff? if you committed to Christ what are the signs? and does your life changes? how do you get your answer to your prayers? and what are the symbols of the last days? how should we start to tell someone the word of God? by judging others religion do we have rights to judge righteously if so most people questions me I have no rights to judge? why doesn't SDA believe in celebration such as "Christmas, Ester, etc..." How do we know SDA is the right religious? because there are other religious that follow the 10 commandments? How do we know whether the Holy Spirit is working among in you? what are the values of reading the bible? How do we know when to say Amen?
Hannah14So, this isn't that important, but it shows me the love of God...but I don't understand why. Here we go: (when this happens) I usually get in a fight with my best friend (which is currently happening), then maybe a day before or after it happens, guess who God descides to say something about to another person. Me! I love what he has to say and all. (It's not usually things like how much he loves me or he will be a comfort, but about my talents for him.) I know it may sound like a super odd question, but, if you know, why does it always happen like this? When we do fight I don't really get emotional, not this time at least. I expected this to happen, it happens so much! But, will you also pray for us to work it out for the good of all.
Anastasia16Hi,I have a few questions.One:How do we know any religion is true?. Two:Why is it important to only date/marry a Christian,instead of an Atheist, Muslim,and so on? I thought God or whoever said to love everybody.So why does it matter what our love one(s) believes in.I dated an Atheist,and to be honest it was wonderful.I didn't have to hear about God all the time. Personally,I believe Christians are hypocrites well not all of them.I do not dare to call myself a Christian because I feel like I do not belong in that category. I believe there's somebody superior in the other world that's watching us.I believe in Satan,demons,ghosts,and whatever. If we die why do we just go to one of the two places that's listed in the bible? What maybe we are sleeping and die in our sleep and wake up in the real world.Or maybe no matter how we lived we still go to paradise despite what was done on Earth.
Japheth19Is Jesus the almighty God?
dashanti19by what process did god give us his holy word?
Jonathan17in heaven are we going to see all three individual beings of the God head or just Jesus?
Jonathan17Is the word God plural in the bible? is there any other law in heaven apart from the ten cammands? And how possible was it for lucifer in job 1 to appear in Gods presence with his sins without dying?
mark17is bad to be an artist ?
Sheba13I recently recieved a presemt I've been longing for from my dad on my birthday but my mom took it away and uses it for herself. Ever since that day, I've been angey wirh her ever since. Is that a sin to be angry with her even though she's the one that wronged me?
june18what are the additional books that the roman catholic added to the original bible? why dont we as SDA?
Freddy18What does it mean to be born again in our words and tongues? Is it renewing the way we speak with one another?
Grace14Jesus received 39 stripes on his back-the 39 major illnesses of the world was cured for the Christian who receives him as lord and Savior. Every stripe represented a disease or illness. is this true?
Grace14i was wondering when the soldiers pierced Jesus side does it have to do anything with his side being the church and it being attacked or persecuted. i'm doing a Bible project and i'd like to know if their is any connections.
joshua19what were Jesus referring to when he said, let this cup pass away from me not as my my will but your will?
june borromeo18what are the foods and drinks that we must not eat completely according to the bible?
joshua19what is atonement.
Diamond13Hi...I am thirteen years old and I am in eight grade like Karys. Right now in history We are learning about Islam and their religion. I really don't like to learn about it but the more we do it makes me question my faith. I would never ever ever convert to another religion...Ever but I do believe I need to renew my faith with God. I know that God is real and I believe but I'm having trouble please help I love The Lord but just need some reassuring. I do also know that reding the Bible helps your connection with God but sometimes I have trouble consetrating on reading the bible and listening in church. So if you have any advice for me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. And God bless
june borromeo18when is the right time to find a life partner? how to choose according to God's will?
joshua19from which book E.G White talks about the Sabbath.
Michael Basmadji14Why will god force people to go Hell
Michael Basmadji17Why will god force people to go Hell
Karys13Hi...I am thirteen years old and I am in seventh grade. Right now in history We are learning about Islam and their religion. I really don't like to learn about it but the more we do it makes me question my faith. I would never ever ever convert to another religion...Ever but I do believe I need to renew my faith with God. I know that God is real and I believe but I'm having trouble please help I love The Lord but just need some reassuring. I do also know that reding the Bible helps your connection with God but sometimes I have trouble consetrating on reading the bible and listening in church. So if you have any advice for me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. And God bless
june18for me it is alright to drink alcohol moderately. in fact there are benefits with drinking alcohol the only problem if you cannot control it and destroys you already. it is just the same with drinking soft drinks and eating sweets and everything else###;### you just need to control it.
Denis17Why God Allow marriage between brother and sister during Adam's time and now didn't?
Eileen16Does God really care? was I really part of his plan?there's so many people in the world why would he want more,especially someone who messes up so much.
Mallaidh16Leviticus 10:2 says that "And fire came out from the presence of the LORD and consumed them, and they died before the LORD." making it sound like Nadab and Abihu had been burned to death. But then vs 5 says "So they came and carried them, still in their tunics, outside the camp, as Moses ordered." they were still in there clothes, so they weren't physically burned by a physical fire, right? Then does that mean that at the end when Judgment is sealed, people won't be physically burned? Just have their sins burned up? Because I was also reading how Hell comes from the word Hades, which means grave, and death isn't painful, but death would be the eternal separation from God.
Dudongs18When is the proper time to have a girlfriend and have one that will not disappoint God?
Patawad18Please help me i lost my good relationship with God because of certain happenings in my life. I tried to read the bible and pray for Him to give me peace of mind but still my guilt and pride is getting into my emotions and clouding my mind. What must i do at the same time i am tempted to get peace of mind in other ways i really need God to be my lead but i cant find Him helping get through this very bad emotional experience i am having please pray for me to be able to strengthen my relationship with God again i am feeling so broken right now i don't no where i can get help . This feeling is so much killing me i hope this will end up to strengthen my relationship with God. Please give me some pieces of advice.
Hannah14If God feels all emotions, and everything, that means he has lusted. So, I got told, or asked that by a guy that knows I'm a Christian, and I really don't know what to say to him. We are friends, I'm actually friends with a couple atheists. How do I minister to them and what do I say to the guy to answer that question.
美琳19I am a theology student and this big debt over women being ordained or not hacs really been bothering me. I was listing to one of you programs before Pastor Doug was saying that there to God, men and women are equal. There is a verse in the New Testiment where Paul places three positions together. prophets, pastors, and teachers. If all these are placed in the same group, and a woman can be called by God to be a prophet or a teacher, why can’t God call them to be pastors? I would be very thankful for any Bible verses or quotes from Mrs. White on this matter. I would like to study them gor myself so i can decide on how i feel, where i stand in this matter. Thank you
paul17Will I be happier if I quit my job because I have to work on Saturday? what I mean is im going to lose my income, even though its not a lot. if I give up my money and sin, what will I have left? Sounds nice to be in heaven but what will I have on earth? I want to do right but work and life get in the way and I know its up to me to make correct action on it.
June18Just curious is it wrong to have a wedding on sabbath?
paul17why do I get bored so much?, when I have so much I can do. im not a holy man, im just like everyone else. I don't feel like playing video games or watching TV or working out or anything else. I feel like I want something good but I just don't know what and no its not the bible. I know I sin more when im bored couse theres nothing to do. what are somethings I can do that's healthy and passes the time.
paul17why do I get bored so much?, when I have so much I can do. im not a holy man, im just like everyone else. I don't feel like playing video games or watching TV or working out or anything else. I feel like I want something good but I just don't know what and no its not the bible. I know I sin more when im bored couse theres nothing to do. what are somethings I can do that's healthy and passes the time.
destiny13im having a lot of problems in my life and I want to trust that god will take care of them all but its because I love god and jesus and I want to get baptized and I feel like sometimes there is no god but then I realize there is I sometimes feel as if thou I were dead my problems wouldn't be there and im just confused im not sure what to do
Jay15what's so wrong about being gay? its not like its a choice because we're born with that why does god say that gays deserve to die? and should Christian parents accept their kid if theyre gay? what should they do as a Christian parent if their child says theyre gay?
Jonathan17How should teens consider dating,?
june17Is it wrong to go to cinemas/ movie theaters? why?
Melanie13Is it okay for a Seventh Day Adventist teenager to practice yoga? If not, why? Is it dangerous, or is just a physical exercise? Thank you.
paul17Hi, I wanna know when will I learn sin never brings happiness? because my life is at a sad point when in fact I got everything materialistic in life to be happy( good food and drink everyday, plus money. I swear on my life Im not happy before I smoke weed and after. yeah I smoke weed everyday a lot, also I know im trespassing Gods law and im not growing the fruit in life I should be. im sorry for my lawlessness because people like me made this satanic pagan society throw ignorance and ignoring light in life. im sorry for making this world and im sorry im living in it, it sucks here. am I supposed to just stop everything and anything to follow Jesus? and beat every sin temptation of the heart. I gotta stop pissing my life away, im getting to old too fast on this high way to hell... I see my only choices in life is complete freedom or complete slavery. its light or darkness for me. I keep saying I will change but never do. I stay with my demons.
is it okey to17Is it okey to carry stones and crystals and magnet? I believe there like AA batters. Every person has between 50- 100 watt ml. That's way less then 1 watt and stones help to send your radio waves. so with a crystal I can have from 70 ml watt to 240 ml watt.
Jonathan17I often get thoughts of being a pastor but i was discouraged!can i just join some missionary workers around so i can realy work for the lord,,?or maybe just do any career and partly serving the lord,?
Nikieea17What can you do on sabbath ?
kyanna18I am really confused about Luke 9:27 that says: "Truly I tell you, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God." Jesus was addressing himself to his disciples, but they all died...
Symon18Hi, I am a person who is addicted to masturbation and I've watched gay videos which I really regret. I'm not feeling attracted at all to the opposite sex as I used to, I know its wrong but I've been doing it for years and I cannot stop. I've always felt alone in my life and I yearn for guys' attention as I find it hard to talk to my own gender. I don't want to live in disobedience to God any longer but I feel I cannot trust anyone, I'm afraid of what people will think of me and I've been keeping this secret sin for so long from my family and friends please help me.
anthony18i play an online game called maplestory, but im i dont wanan be any magic character or anything like that, they have mechanics and i wanna be an engineer in the future, the game is about destroying monsters and pvp is like the martial arts competitions of today, is it ok for me to play this game?
Jay15if you have absolutely no attraction to the oppisite gender should you a a christian stay single? and what if you want children, is it wrong to adopt and raise them by yourself?
June18i still dont totally understand how to keep the sabbath. 1) does exodus 16:23 means we cant cook on sabbaths 2) when it said labor does that me you cant clean the house? you cant clean your mess after you ate? 3)Isaiah 58:13, 14 what does your own pleasure nor speak your own words mean? does this mean you cant talk about other things while socializing the whole day, only about God? (Iam confused because even the more educated adventists around i can see have different cultures and traditions about these)
Jay15what is so wrong about being gay? i dont really think being gay is a choice because its a certain feeling.....if god says he knew us even before we were born then does he understand being gay?
Nicole13In the Bible it says God is love, then it says Love is not jealous an then it says God is a jealous God. Where is the logic in that? To me it makes no sense
June18I have two questions: 1) Is wrong to watch certain types of movies like love story and family story anything that at least teaches your moral lesson? I mean even though they don't teach directly about God and the bible is anything wrong with that? 2) I think there is nothing wrong in drinking alcohol just don't get drunk too much and get addicted. some use it to sleep. It is the same with consuming too much sugar. alcohol have even health benefits. am i wrong?
Paul17hi. I been watching and learning a lot from doug batchelor on youtube. I notice my day goes better when I watch a hour of doug batchleor sermons. but it makes me notice my sin problem. doug batchelor said when you resist the devils temptations, you come closer to God and fair there away from the evil one. I have this sin I like a lot, I know its very bad but I love doing it. I would like to be close and be saved by Jesus but im not, I have a bad heart, that's likes sin. HOW DO I STOP MY SIN PROBLEM? im not a good man but id like to be, to save my skin from fire. I know god loves me, but life is hard.
Nikeea17what kind of things can a teen do on sabbath?
June18I'am just curious. In the beginning when Eve sinned the tool that satan used is a serpent/snake what is the significance of God cursing the serpent? Did the serpent had a choice like eve or man or any sense why would God curse the serpent/snake?
Paul17Hey, how do I become the doer of the word. I become the hearer of the word but now I see im on a self distracting path. sin is fun. I like having fun, everyday is a party. I watch a lot of doug on youtube, I like it. and I feel it helps me but I found myself trying to resist temptation because of what Doug's sermons but I always lose after 30 60 minutes. I just cant say no. what do I do to become stronger in the self denial fight? thank you
paul17Its been so long since I prayed, read the bible and went to church, that I don't even know how to do them things anymore. i don't pray but when i do its like 3 seconds. I read the bible a few times, i never understood it. why do i gotta go to church. its a waste of my time. i got drunk before i went to church a few times and still i couldn't wait to leave, boring.... im not in the mood to help people or save my soul.
june18Our church just finished a sabbath fasting. what is the significance of food fasting?
kidist tesfaye19first i love your program very much because most of the question are concerning my doubt. Well my first question is that can a boy and a girl be friends when one is feeling different about the other one, and what if the boy is younger than her, can they be friends in different way, i mean like boyfriend and girlfriend? And my second question is that can one serve in church when he/she is having difficulty in praying and doing the right thing in his/her life?
khumo16Is it wrong for man to put on a ring at marriage .Answer with reference to the bible.Is accapella a good music for us as adventists and what about instrumental music is it good ??
june borrmeo18i totally believe that saturday is the sabbath and is holy but my question is how do we make the day holy? what are the things we are limited to do and what are the things we must do?. Can you give me advice on how i can make myself happy and peaceful during sabbath and feel the blessings of sabbath. but most importantly i want to know what we can do and what we cant do during sabbath.
june18iam disturbed when i heard of this. They say that it is wrong to be gay or lesbian i strongly believed it but what if like the person i heard he/she cannot fully determine his/her gender because he//she has two organs and has both features of the same gender. Why would God allow such thing. This keeps bothering me and gives me doubt
Martha17Does a person need to go to church so that GOD ca bless him or does going to church help us to reach in Heaven
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